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Create a One Click Miner EXE file for an altcoin - Upwork
Create a Mining program for an X16R algorithm coin for an altcoin cryptocurrency. It has a GUI for user to input mining address and select Pool. The program will just input the parameters into a bat file and run the miner program called TRex or Z Enemy Miner. The program will Have a logo of the alt
Found : 2019-02-12   UpWork
Need Fast Data Miner to Create Leads - Upwork
I am looking for someone fast and efficient to use Google and create a list of 5,000 of the top biggest digital marketing agencies in the USA, UK, Canada Australia and New Zealand I need the following: 1. Company Name 2. company website 3. Full address 4. Phone Number 5. Published email addres
Found : 2019-02-14   UpWork

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