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Textiles. Pattern draft for 10 designs, and one sample with each pattern. - Upwork
I am seeking a pattern maker/seamstress to help me with my collection. I have 10 designs that I need patterns and samples made for. This is a start up company that I am thrilled to get off the ground! Posted On : January 12, 2019 01:05 UTC Category : Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web & Mobile Design
Found : 2019-01-11   UpWork
Lead Gen/Appt Setting for Potential MSP Clients - Upwork
Looking for someone to set appointments with decision maker of small to medium companies to discuss their IT servicing needs. Whether they just need someone to help support their desktop computers, better phone system, networking/cabling, webhosting, email, project management, etc. Our main niche i
Found : 2019-01-12   UpWork
Appointment setter and Telemarketer - Upwork
Need a telemarketer who is experienced in appointment setting. I have a client who needs commercial cleaning and Janitorial Services appointment set for a specific area and I need to have someone set these. I am looking for someone who can set 2-3 appointment per day. I will pay you $25 per appointm
Found : 2019-01-13   UpWork
Electrical Circuitry Help For Marijuana Industry Invention - Upwork
I am looking for someone who can create digital electrical circuits and design circuit boards for electronic devices the size of a coffee maker. The device will include a battery pack for wireless use, will need to connect to a docking station, and ideally will have lights and buttons for ease of u
Found : 2019-01-14   UpWork
SOS - Cold Caller / Appointment Setter Needed - Upwork
I own and run a social media marketing agency. We provide digital advertising services to businesses to help generate them more revenue (clients/buyers). We're looking to expand our sales team. We need an enthusiastic and experienced cold caller who is comfortable and confident in their abilit
Found : 2019-01-17   UpWork

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