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Pattern maker for 10 models of underwear
Experience Level: Intermediate I dont know if you have experience in lingerie, but I need someone to help me with 10 models I will do. I need to do everything in order to send it for manufacturing. Is that something you are interested in? Thanks Pam
Found : 2019-01-16   PeoplePerHour
Looking for a film maker/ videographer to collab on a short film for a website
Experience Level: Entry Hello! I have recently started a wellbeing/ wellness blog/ website. It's more of a hobby as I am not looking to make any money from it. I am however wanting to increase traffic on it, as I believe the content on there will be relevant to the masses an
Found : 2019-01-17   PeoplePerHour
Professional Portfolio Maker who operates Indesign
Experience Level: Entry Estimated project duration: 1 day or less I need a professional Portfolio maker for my applications to university,I have done most of the work I only need finishing touches.
Found : 2019-01-18   PeoplePerHour
Logo Design for Mindset Maker Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy
Experience Level: Expert I am staring up a hypnotherapy & psychotherapy practice called "Mindset Maker." The logo has to incorporate something to do with the mind. More specifically, enlightenment. The symbol for the third eye chakra could easily be included. The font s
Found : 2019-01-18   PeoplePerHour
A logo to represent me
Experience Level: Expert Personal trainer/fitness instructor. I am am setting up my own business, and need a logo to represent me. I have tried playing with a few ideas myself which didn't look very professional, so I then used a logo maker. I have found that I like clean/simple/s
Found : 2019-01-06   PeoplePerHour
I need a recipe for traditional Italian gelato
Experience Level: Expert I have a lot of passion for gelato. I hope I can open a gelato shop someday. I hope to find a professional gelato master to teach me and provide me with ice cream recipes. - Provide the classic taste of traditional Italian gelato. - The original material bra
Found : 2019-01-07   PeoplePerHour
Pattern making tutor
Experience Level: Expert TUTOR HUNT: Looking for a swimwear pattern maker BASED IN LONDON to tutor me on a one to one basis during March.
Found : 2019-01-08   PeoplePerHour
Eye catching movie poster
Experience Level: Expert I'm an independent film maker and I'm hoping to make my first short film later this year. However I will be starting a crowdfunding page soon in the hope of getting some funding for my short. I would love a poster to catch peoples attention and use to pro
Found : 2019-01-08   PeoplePerHour
Create a technical spec for factory to sample from: yogawear
Experience Level: Expert Estimated project duration: less than 1 week Hello I am looking for a garment maker to do product tech sheets for factory production. My range has the following: 1x legging style in 4 different sizes 3x bra top styles, each in 3 different sizes These
Found : 2019-01-08   PeoplePerHour
Telemarketing Executive
Experience Level: Expert Estimated project duration: Ongoing Job description We are a startup Digital Marketing agency focusing on Social Media advertising that is looking for someone to help qualify a list of fashion leads in our database (Hubspot). We are looking for a freelance
Found : 2019-01-09   PeoplePerHour

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