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I need a pattern maker
Experience Level: Expert Hi, I am creating an 100% Linen mum and baby line. I will have ten garments that I need patterns, grading and a tech pack for. Five designs for women and five for children. The designs are minimal and uncomplicated. I have attached examples of what I
Found : 2019-01-07   PeoplePerHour
I need a proffesional designer and maker
Experience Level: Intermediate I have a start up vintage business, which includes me sourcing vintage pieces which I would like reconstructed into a design I have
Found : 2019-01-08   PeoplePerHour
Videographer/film-maker for music & comedy website
Experience Level: Expert Estimated project duration: Ongoing I am working with a 400-seat venue in London's West End to create a curated on-demand video/podcast web platform of comedy and music performances they host. It's a busy venue, regularly featuring the biggest interna
Found : 2019-01-09   PeoplePerHour
I need a professional pattern and sample maker
Experience Level: Intermediate I am looking for professional pattern and sample maker. I need very professional and high quality work. Answer me as soon as possible to discuss the details. Best regards, Kate
Found : 2019-01-10   PeoplePerHour
Pattern Cutter / Sample Maker
Experience Level: Intermediate I am in the process of starting a children's clothing line and need a pattern cutter/sample maker. Please can you advise if this is something you are able to assist with? Many thanks, Tuvie
Found : 2019-01-11   PeoplePerHour
Pattern Maker
Experience Level: Intermediate I am looking for a freelance pattern maker for my brand called Isabel Manns which is a high-end ready to wear brand consisting of dresses, tops, skirts, trousers and gowns. I am launching the first official womenswear collection in March 2019 and we are loo
Found : 2019-01-12   PeoplePerHour
Model maker - sculptor -concept artist
Experience Level: Entry I am a professional oil painter and will be exhibiting this year . I also have an interest in Hurst and Koons and have 30 to 40 ideas of art installations but looking for somebody to bring them to life. I am not good at making things , I have the patience but better
Found : 2019-01-12   PeoplePerHour
I need a professional 3D animation video maker
Experience Level: Intermediate I would need a partner in a long term deal in making videos in mono colour for advertising, something like a bottle of one drink spinning around and firm logo. What would be the price for making that video around 10-15 sec and are you interested for a long te
Found : 2019-01-14   PeoplePerHour
I need a video maker
Experience Level: Entry I want a video for my website that would highlight animated characters to explain how recruitment is going within my company. I already have a video that can serve as an example because I would like a new video in the same genre as the one already on my site. I
Found : 2019-01-15   PeoplePerHour
Bra pattern maker
Experience Level: Expert Hi, I am looking to create a pattern for a bra, I will need a few in the end but I will start with one at first. I want to create a solid bra pattern that fits really well and I want to play around with strap concepts. Please contact me if you can
Found : 2019-01-15   PeoplePerHour

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