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==MUST START Immediately When Hired== Find Typos of City and Landmark Names & Provide Corrections - Upwork
I need this done really quickly - I have a map that looks amazing and has great detail of cities and other points. Problem is that the maker (I bought on GraphicRiver) flipped all text to outlines but has spelling errors. Example: Fresno (in California) is Frasno instead. I will provide you a scree
Found : 2019-02-10   UpWork
Project / Product Manager - Developing Plans for an Guitar Amplifier Cabinet - Upwork
I am looking for a "get things done" person who is smart, capable, and can take on the role of product developer / project management to design FREE PLANS for several classic amplifier cabinets (Starting with the classic Marshall cabs.) I envision this to be doing all the research require
Found : 2019-02-10   UpWork
Two PCB designs - Upwork
My name is Bob Griswold, and I am just starting a small service company called "SwimClips". You can see a short 1:20 video introducing SwimClips here ( I have a need for two custom circuit boards. One is more complicated than the other: 1) "Start Signal
Found : 2019-02-11   UpWork
Fashion Designer
Experience Level: Intermediate Tech pack creator, pattern cutter and sample maker needed.
Found : 2019-02-12   PeoplePerHour
Create a chatbot for internal organisation use. - Upwork
I require a chat bot integrated into office 365 -Microsoft Teams and outlook. The chat bot needs to be able to read our tenant for information. Also when the bot cannot answer the question its sent to "admins" to answer via Teams Chat or by email. the reply's from the admins are load
Found : 2019-02-12   UpWork
Amend Shopify Product Page
Experience Level: Expert Hello, We are using the Maker theme & would like to adjust the product page so that all images are displayed in a carousel. Regards
Found : 2019-02-12   PeoplePerHour
Various patterns needed for making latex/rubber clothing.
Experience Level: Expert Estimated project duration: Not sure Hello everyone, I’m looking for a pattern maker that understands the use of latex/rubber and the use of it with clothing understating the propertys of the stretch etc. I’m looking for someone to craft me some patterns fo
Found : 2019-02-14   PeoplePerHour
Film Editor in WA For Documentary by Amiel Courtin-Wilson - Freelance Video Editing Job
My name is Maëva and I’m a Line Producer for the Melbourne-based film and documentary maker Amiel Courtin-Wilson and the art collective, Flood Projects. To begin with, some background about...
Found : 2019-02-14   Freelanced
Video Content Editor - Upwork
Our top requirements for a candidate are that they have a strong worth ethic and they care about doing a good job. We do have high expectations so please for your sake and ours only apply if you are someone who likes to go the extra mile and provide a great result whenever you do a job whatever that
Found : 2019-02-15   UpWork
I need someone to host an interview podcast
Experience Level: Intermediate Hey! I'm Rich, maker of Failory, a content site for entrepreneurs. Thousands of Failory users have requested me during the last year to create a podcast of interviews with failed startup founders. I've been thinking about this idea for the last
Found : 2019-02-15   PeoplePerHour

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