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I need a professional 3D animation video maker
Experience Level: Intermediate I would need a partner in a long term deal in making videos in mono colour for advertising, something like a bottle of one drink spinning around and firm logo. What would be the price for making that video around 10-15 sec and are you interested for a long te
Found : 2019-01-14   PeoplePerHour
I need a video maker
Experience Level: Entry I want a video for my website that would highlight animated characters to explain how recruitment is going within my company. I already have a video that can serve as an example because I would like a new video in the same genre as the one already on my site. I
Found : 2019-01-15   PeoplePerHour
Bra pattern maker
Experience Level: Expert Hi, I am looking to create a pattern for a bra, I will need a few in the end but I will start with one at first. I want to create a solid bra pattern that fits really well and I want to play around with strap concepts. Please contact me if you can
Found : 2019-01-15   PeoplePerHour
Pattern maker for 10 models of underwear
Experience Level: Intermediate I dont know if you have experience in lingerie, but I need someone to help me with 10 models I will do. I need to do everything in order to send it for manufacturing. Is that something you are interested in? Thanks Pam
Found : 2019-01-16   PeoplePerHour
Pizza Maker Part Time Or Full - food / beverage / hospitality - job employment
Looking for an experienced Pizza Maker.
Found : 2019-01-16  Craigslist
Looking for a film maker/ videographer to collab on a short film for a website
Experience Level: Entry Hello! I have recently started a wellbeing/ wellness blog/ website. It's more of a hobby as I am not looking to make any money from it. I am however wanting to increase traffic on it, as I believe the content on there will be relevant to the masses an
Found : 2019-01-17   PeoplePerHour
Professional Portfolio Maker who operates Indesign
Experience Level: Entry Estimated project duration: 1 day or less I need a professional Portfolio maker for my applications to university,I have done most of the work I only need finishing touches.
Found : 2019-01-18   PeoplePerHour
Logo Design for Mindset Maker Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy
Experience Level: Expert I am staring up a hypnotherapy & psychotherapy practice called "Mindset Maker." The logo has to incorporate something to do with the mind. More specifically, enlightenment. The symbol for the third eye chakra could easily be included. The font s
Found : 2019-01-18   PeoplePerHour
Create Logo for Beer Glass of Brewery/Bar/Club - Upwork
Hi, I have a private bar called Deal Maker Brewing Co. I want to have a bunch of glasses made with a logo on it. We don't have a logo yet ... so that's what I need you to create for me in 24 hours or less. It's urgent. I'm think we use the full name of course. Deal Maker Bre
Found : 2019-01-16   UpWork
Personal Virtual Assistant with online Marketing skills - Upwork
Curlkit is a subscription box company owned by a husband and wife team and we are looking for an integral team member; our right hand; our go to person; THE ONE with a stellar work ethic, a “can do” attitude, notable professionalism, lives in integrity and who is both confident in their
Found : 2019-01-18   UpWork