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Inventory API
Experience Level: Intermediate I have no idea what exactly I am needing. I am in charge of inventory at my workplace, program we use is poor. But due to fact the inventory is just one module of system and are all integrated I must use it. I do not quite know what an API is, but when I ask
Found : 2019-01-07   PeoplePerHour
I need some of my existing Amazon inventory optimised for more sales
Experience Level: Intermediate I need some of my existing Amazon listings properly written and fully optimised for more sales Best regards Brian
Found : 2019-01-08   PeoplePerHour
Zoho Inventory Support
Experience Level: Intermediate I need assistance with a number of things within Zoho inventory and am looking for some experience and advice on how to best set up the system. We have products of varying colours which can be customised by the customer, one of the problems I am having is kno
Found : 2019-01-10   PeoplePerHour
Ebay Inventory set up
Experience Level: Expert Hi, I am looking for someone to show me how to use the inventory tab/or set up the inventory on seller manager pro on eBay. As my ebay business as now grown to voer 300 listing the only way I have been checking quantities is to actually click onto the lis
Found : 2019-01-10   PeoplePerHour
Inventory Officer
Experience Level: Expert Stores Worker and Storekeeper. SERIES CONCEPT Storekeepers manage, supervise, or perform a variety of tasks in ordering, receiving, storing, accounting for, distributing, shipping, and issuing equipment, apparatus, materials, and supplies; and perform other related
Found : 2019-01-14   PeoplePerHour
PHP inventory system (off shelf) customised and integrated with APIs
Experience Level: Intermediate Hi, I run a small web shop and am looking to move to an online inventory and invoicing system and like the look of this one: I have some PHP MySQL experience bu
Found : 2019-01-17   PeoplePerHour
Set up Linnworks
Experience Level: Intermediate We are an online company looking to set up Linnworks We currently have Linnworks operating which is connected to Magento 1 ETSY EBay Amazon We are in the process of moving the magento 1 website over to Magento 2. The current inventory h
Found : 2019-01-09   PeoplePerHour
Catalog Manager For E-Commerce Web Site
Experience Level: Entry We are looking for a catalog manager for a large home decor web site. Job Requirements - update inventory on magento platform -update inventory on Amazon seller central -update inventory on HOUZZ Updates to be made daily This job requires a very de
Found : 2019-01-18   PeoplePerHour
Finish development of ERP/LIMS system (JavaScript, Node.js, Ember.js, CouchDB)
Experience Level: Expert Estimated project duration: 1 to 2 months Altus Connect is a suite of applications that manages user login and permissions, inventory tracking, production forms, certification, sale and shipping, and production planning of certified reference materials that Alt
Found : 2019-01-07   PeoplePerHour
I need help with Xero accounting system
Experience Level: Expert New to xero and would like some help setting the system up with the following: - All data input on CSV from my manual sales sheet eg. inventory, quantity and cost price - When sales are recorded, inventory then to be tracked accordingly I would like thi
Found : 2019-01-09   PeoplePerHour

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