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I need a .NET Developer who can work with SQL Server and data from a Microcontroller
Experience Level: Intermediate Estimated project duration: less than 1 week We need to develop a software which takes input from a microcontroller. The data format will be given. The software has to log this data in a SQL database. We also need Front End screens to be developed in .NET
Found : 2019-02-09   PeoplePerHour
Opportunity Management Application
Description: We are looking to extend our platform and add an opportunity management application.You'll be w... Category: Programming & Dev Required skills: c#, entity framework, model view controller (mvc) Hourly budget: Duration - 1-3 months; Hours/week: 10-30; Rate: Not sure Job type: Public
Found : 2019-02-08   Guru
Gaming Website - Upwork
Looking for a person who can create a website for customers to customize gaming equipment to every little detail. Examples are: 25% start 25% down 50% completion If we work well,
Found : 2019-02-08   UpWork
Laravel & vuejs expert - Upwork
I need to add some functions in order controller. This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details. Budget : $5 Posted On : February 09, 2019 16:05 UTC Category : Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development Skills : Laravel Framework, Vue.js Country : I
Found : 2019-02-09   UpWork
UniFi access point expert needed to fix country-lock issue - Upwork
Issue: I have four access points (UniFi AP-AC-LR). They were working exceptionally well. The whole problem started on Thursday (Feb 7, 2019) after upgrading their firmware to version . They appear connected with a little exclamation mark. When clicking on it, it reads: "This devi
Found : 2019-02-10   UpWork
ASP.Net MVC Development
Description: We need some Brainpower for our project. All quotes are welcome. Category: Programming & Dev Required skills:, .net, model view controller (mvc) Hourly budget: Duration - 3-6 months; Hours/week: 30+; Rate: $5-15 Job type: Public Freelancer Location: System.Collections.Generic.Li
Found : 2019-02-13   Guru
Convert code from stepper to servo
Experience Level: Intermediate Edit the Arduino stepper driver code here: To run on a Mega To drive this controller & t
Found : 2019-02-14   PeoplePerHour
People & Culture Assistant (6 month contract) - Upwork
Greenpeace is a global, independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful protest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future. For over fifty years, Greenpeace has fought to save the planet from the
Found : 2019-02-14   UpWork
C/C++ Top notch developer needed.
Description: What is mean Hiddden VNC & Hidden Remote Desktop Controller:Hidden Vnc allows you to remotely a... Category: Programming & Dev Required skills: c++, remoting, firefox, microsoft windows, chrome web browser Fixed Price budget: $250-$500 Job type: Public Freelancer Location: Worldwide
Found : 2019-02-15   Guru
Control in DotNet Application
Description: I need a control created for use in a ASP.Net / C# web application in MVC and non-MVC.I need the co... Category: Programming & Dev Required skills: asp,, c#, .net, data management, editing, web development, backgrounds, model view controller (mvc) Fixed Price budget: Not Sure Jo
Found : 2019-02-15   Guru

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