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Trade and Export Consultant - To assist African Businesses with Market Linkages - Upwork
This consultant will be part of a team serving Small and Mid-Sized African Businesses to develop trade relationships, either within the African Region, or in International markets such as China, Europe, and other key markets. There will be a heavy focus on agricultural commodities, such as Coffee, T
Found : 2019-02-10   UpWork
Consultant needed for setting up amazon business account, create listings/optimization, and FBA - Upwork
Looking for someone to help create an amazon business account. Need someone that understands the whole process from A-Z (need someone that has done this before). An understanding of FBA, listings mandatory. Initially I would like to have a phone conversation to see what you can do for me and go fro
Found : 2019-02-11   UpWork
compensation consultant to produce total comp statements - Upwork
We need someone to produce 50-55 total compensation statements for employees. Statements are individualized, highly confidential. Posted On : February 11, 2019 23:05 UTC Category : Accounting & Consulting > Human Resources Skills : Compensation, Data Visualization, Human Resources Strategy, Microso
Found : 2019-02-11   UpWork
Mapbox/GIS Consultant - Upwork
Hi, We are looking for a experienced GIS of Mapbox specialist to help us with the following A) Style our maps with either Mapbox GL JS or Openlayers B) Create high definition .jpeg or .pdf files from either tiles or rasters so that we can print them. Our print size is 70x100cm C) Assist us un
Found : 2019-02-12   UpWork
Business Consultant - Upwork
I'm purchasing a running Business in FL and looking for advice on how to close the deal. I prefer someone located in South Florida This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details. Budget : $500 Posted On : February 12, 2019 14:05 UTC Category : Acco
Found : 2019-02-12   UpWork
Online Marketing Expert & Consultant - Upwork
I need someone who is very familiar with Facebook ads as well as Clickfunnels. We have done some testing and have spent around $500 in the past two weeks on ads and need help dialling it in and making more engaging ads. Posted On : February 12, 2019 15:06 UTC Category : Sales & Marketing > Marketing
Found : 2019-02-12   UpWork
White-hat Link Building Consultant - Upwork
Need a consultant to walk me through the process of building white-hat links. Also, do a screenshare of walking through the whole process QUESTIONS: - List building How do you build lists? What info do you include in the list? What tools do you use to build list? What tools/techniques do you u
Found : 2019-02-12   UpWork
Web Design Consultant - Upwork
Our site is great, but it needs to be cleaned up. Not looking for SEO support, 100% design, customer experience, mobile response, look/feel, etc. Help us make the experience for our customer better and more on brand. Website: Posted On : February 13, 2019 02:05 UTC Category :
Found : 2019-02-12   UpWork
Expert Amazon Consultant: Optimising Listings and PPC Our 2x $3m per year amazon stores. - Upwork
Hello, We have two stores that we currently run on Amazon that are generating between $2-3m a year (mainly though customers buying after seeing our facebook ads and leaving our cold funnel). We don't want to use Amazon as our primary revenue source but we still want to maximise all of the pot
Found : 2019-02-13   UpWork
Keras (Tensorflow) ML, Neural Network Model consultant. - Upwork
You will be providing expert Machine Learning guidance on how to achieve a unique goal of resizing vector based artwork. It's is not simply a scaled transformation of the design input to the output. There is artistic design into the scale of the individual components and this is currently done
Found : 2019-02-13   UpWork

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