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Appsheet Consultant - Upwork
Our company is seeking to self-develop some engineering apps exclusively in AppSheet. We are looking for an experienced AppSheet developer that can provide training for our first app, and consulting services for apps that we develop thereafter. Please send a resume with examples of apps that you ha
Found : 2019-01-10   UpWork
Korean BPO Consultant, - Upwork
Provide supervisory support for a Korean BPO and Market research Posted On : January 11, 2019 05:05 UTC Category : Customer Service > Customer Service Country : United States click to apply
Found : 2019-01-11   UpWork
Pinterest Consultant in Cannabis / Medical or Lifestyle Space - Upwork
Our agency is looked for an individual or team experienced with managing and growing social accounts on Pinterest to provide us with an hour to two hour consultation / workshop and guide us in the best techniques for the following: Setting Up and Optimizing Boards for Greater Search Visibility Rec
Found : 2019-01-10   UpWork
E commerce Marketplace Consultant Needed to Fuel Growth - Upwork
I am need for a E Commerce Strategist who can help me plan and excute a strategy to grow my Online business on various marketplaces such as ebay, amazon, etsy, walmart, and others. We currently sell on 14 marketplace and our catalog size is 10,000 SKU's, we currently are facing the issue of ho
Found : 2019-01-12   UpWork
creative business plan and consultant needed - Upwork
I'm going for a business consultant who will help me write a great business plan for my business I’m about to start. I’m looking for a person who is easy to work with. Who is on business trends, which stay with current with research? Posted On : January 12, 2019 10:05 UTC Category :
Found : 2019-01-12   UpWork
I need a UX expert/consultant who can review my website and outline a strategy to improve the UX - Upwork
Hi! I run an e-commerce store that sells shoe deodorizers with a mission to become the number one market leader in shoe/foot odor control here in the U.S. One area that I am a bit concerned about is the UX and I've been constantly asking myself questions that involve different UX elements such
Found : 2019-01-12   UpWork
Marketing consultant for Cannabis Tech company looking to launch soon - Upwork
About us: We are a Tech company in the Cannabis industry in Canada looking for a marketing expert/strategist. We are at the beginning of our campaign and is in need of help to get direction. We're looking for a marketing consultant to advice, develop our marketing strategy. We need project sp
Found : 2019-01-12   UpWork
Unreal engine multiplayer programming consultant (C++) - Upwork
Creation of a multiplayer FPS game. We currently in need of someone who has a lot of experience with writing net code in C++ and blueprints for unreal engine. We are experiencing sync issues with ammunition and inventory items and would like a consultant who has a lot of experience dealing specifi
Found : 2019-01-12   UpWork
Crowdfunding Consultant Lead - Upwork
"Le Panier Francais" is a company reselling French products in the US, mainly online. We are a small company and it means that it could be challenging at time, however our products are truly unique and almost impossible to find in the US, since they are imported from France. To help us gr
Found : 2019-01-12   UpWork
Public Relations Consultant with Radio Experience - Upwork
I am looking for a public relations consultant with avenues into the radio world who can promote a professionally produced B2B podcast to internet based and traditional radio stations and other outlets looking for programming in the US and rest of the English speaking world. Posted On : January 12,
Found : 2019-01-12   UpWork

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